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Who's using cast iron effect guttering?

Cast iron style guttering is now being widely used in restoration projects and even on new builds.Plastic guttering was originally made into the cast iron style when project managers and property owners were being faced with budget breaking quotes for labour and materials to use the true cast gutter.The cast iron effect plastic gutter, made [...]

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Cast iron effect gutter - What's hot right now?

So with cast iron effect gutter - nothing is hot right now, that's the point of it. It's traditional, it's classic- it doesn't go out of fashion, or come into 'fashion' - it's just the right thing to use!!Truth be known if there was no limit to budgets when people were building or repairing their [...]

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Whether you have Cast Iron Effect Gutter or not - This is how to detect when gutter needs maintenance and repairs

Now is an ideal time to work on maintaining and repairing the outside of a property including the gutters, whether they be cast iron, cast iron effect gutters or just a standard UPVC style. Tradesmen and DIYers are working hard, making the most of the kind working conditions that the UK's weather is currently giving them, [...]

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Gutter History

During Henry VIII's reign, the volume of lead available for house building increased due to the dissolution of the monasteries. The homes owned by the most wealthy and well related, would now have the lead guttering systems, forming a most efficient and maintenance free rainwater system. Their hoppers were frequently adorned with lead moulded coats [...]

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Protecting Homes from the British Weather & Saving on Costly Repairs

Peoples' homes are often their most valuable asset. Protecting them through good maintenance makes good economic sense. And now going into the winter is a very good time to make sure buildings are 'water proofed'.Living in the UK, our properties have to battle against a lot of wet weather - and mortar, bricks and rendering [...]

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How to Choose the Best Cast Iron Effect Guttering?

All cast iron effect guttering is produced by taking a typical PVCU rainwater system and then adding the effect of cast iron on to it.So there are two elements to consider. 1. Is the original PVCU product of the best quality? Does it have the British Kitemark? Is it guaranteed? There are several main manufacturers supplying [...]

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Free Shipping on Cast Iron Effect Guttering

If your order for products from the Cast Iron Effect company comes to over £150, we deliver Free of Charge.If you are within a ten mile radius of our Cheshire base in Tattenhall - you may well find yourself being delivered to from one of our team using the specially adapted vehicle - Now there's [...]

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Deep Flow - High Capacity, Gutter now Available in Cast Iron Effect

The Cast Iron Effect Company - are pleased to be able to deliver to you 'Deep Flow Gutter' the range of high capacity gutter system. Used on large domestic buildings, commercial buildings and within areas of high rainfall. So ideal for most parts of the UK!Covered by the British Kitemark, and has all the benefits [...]

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Cast Iron Replica Ogee Gutter

Finally the most popular product from the range has made it to the website.With huge water volume capacity - near as damn it 2.5 times more than the standard half round - the Ogee Cast Iron Effect Gutter suits a huge variety of properties. Looks just right and takes the heavy rains in it's stride. This would be [...]

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Happy New Year to Our Customers!

We've had a great 2015 launching the website and bringing our products to the market place.With happy customers enjoying the ease of installation of our replica cast iron guttering, and of course savings in their budget, we're looking forward to offering the same benefits to future customers.We keep our prices low all the way through [...]

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