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How to Choose the Best Cast Iron Effect Guttering?

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All cast iron effect guttering is produced by taking a typical PVCU rainwater system and then adding the effect of cast iron on to it.

So there are two elements to consider. 

1. Is the original PVCU product of the best quality? Does it have the British Kitemark? Is it guaranteed? There are several main manufacturers supplying the UK market all of whom have had their products rigorously tested. What you do need to know though is if the dimensions of the products in the ranges suit, that is of course if you are adding to any existing system. 

The Cast Iron Effect company's range is developed from a complete system manufactured by one of the UK's largest suppliers. We deal with this supplier in part because of the excellent supply, but mainly, because we have worked with, used and owned the products from this manufacturer for decades and been able to consistently rely on them for quality and ease of installation.  

2. Secondly of course is the quality of the cast iron effect that has been put onto the PVCU rainwater system. This effect has been created with a paint effect, and as with any paint process, whether it be onto cars, houses, gutter - the quality can alter dramatically.

The Cast Iron Effect company has spent years developing their own application and paint formula, that gives the best quality effect on the market. Our paint formula is unique only to our company, and our system of application is also the only one of its type in the UK.

These unique qualities of application have enabled The Cast Iron Effect company to provide a product that is as good an imitation to genuine cast iron gutter as is possible, and stands the test of time regardless of weather conditions. We are now in our twelth year of testing this formula on some of our cast iron effect gutter placed in some extremely remote areas, with NO signs of deterioration at all.  

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