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Cast iron effect gutter - What's hot right now?

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So with cast iron effect gutter - nothing is hot right now, that's the point of it. It's traditional, it's classic- it doesn't go out of fashion, or come into 'fashion' - it's just the right thing to use!!

Truth be known if there was no limit to budgets when people were building or repairing their homes, genuine cast iron gutter looks fantastic- but it is so incredibly expensive and you need a really experienced tradesman to install it properly, or you'll have no end of problems. - which again is a lot ore expensive than the installation costs of the replica materials sold here.

In our local council offices in Cheshire, our cast iron effect gutter has been passed by the specialist heritage department within building control, when used on several local listed buildings. This is great news for the listed buildings, as it means that their owners will actually be able to afford to keep them maintained. 

I am certain that building control wouldn't be happy with anything other than the original gutter system being used if the building in question is extremely old or of major historic interest, so it's always essential to run your material plans by the relevant local council department before you purchase. 

Anyway - over and out - and happy building, restoring, repairing, renovating people!!

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