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Whether you have Cast Iron Effect Gutter or not - This is how to detect when gutter needs maintenance and repairs

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Now is an ideal time to work on maintaining and repairing the outside of a property including the gutters, whether they be cast iron, cast iron effect gutters or just a standard UPVC style. 

Tradesmen and DIYers are working hard, making the most of the kind working conditions that the UK's weather is currently giving them, and all with very good reason.

Basic property inspections that indicate if your gutter needs attention include 

  • Looking out for damp patches on walls and ceilings. Damp can travel in directions one wouldn't expect so the cause is not always obvious - checking your rainwater system is a very good starting point.
  • Making sure there are no areas of your property that do not get to dry out thoroughly. Signs of this can be mossy walls, brickwork going green with algae, and other plant life growing where it shouldn't be!
  • Masonry deterioration - if there is crumbling brick work or stone work on your property the most obvious cause would be water saturation, which has allowed the frost to get in and damage structures in the winter
  • Masonry deterioration can also be noted by exterior fixtures and fittings coming away from the property - again due to frost damage beginning with saturated walls. 

Noticing the start of any of these problems, and fixing up the property to avoid a constant wet state will save so much work and money in the long term. Prevention is very much better than cure - especially when it comes to property maintenance.

How do I know which area of the gutter and downpipes need mending?

So if you have found any of the above and want to find out which area needs attention, the chances are you are setting out to do the work when it isn't raining and it's hard to see where the leak is. If you have checked for the obvious signs of major damage, leaf blockages etc and still can't see where it's going wrong, my suggestion is to talk nicely to the window cleaner. He will have the risk assessment in place and the equipment to be able to put some water through the gutter system on a dry day when you'll be able to see what the problem is. If you've not got a window cleaner, next best thing is a hosepipe with a telescopic arm to put the water through your gutter system. Same effect without putting yourself up a ladder!

And if you are lucky enough to have installed the cast iron effect gutter, any damages you might find, are easily and cheaply repaired or replaced without needing a specialist tradesman, or a lottery win! This is one of the major pulls to the cast iron style gutter, a property still achieves the luxury finish that a cast iron rainwater system adds, but is so easy to install, super durable and if damaged by high winds etc is quick, cheap and easy to remedy.

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