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Protecting Homes from the British Weather & Saving on Costly Repairs

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dsc-0822.jpgPeoples' homes are often their most valuable asset. Protecting them through good maintenance makes good economic sense. And now going into the winter is a very good time to make sure buildings are 'water proofed'.

Living in the UK, our properties have to battle against a lot of wet weather - and mortar, bricks and rendering do not like being constantly wet so a good water management system will save a lot of extensive, expensive repairs.

When a downpipe or gutter is cracked, even just enough to create a small 'dribble', the integral structure of a wall becomes at risk. 

Checking and renewing gutter and downpipe will save you money. If there is damage to a property due to a lack of maintenance of the rain water sysdownpipe-brick.jpgtem, a person may not be protected by their buildings insurance.

The Cast Iron Effect Company know that people need to keep an eye on the figures without compromising quality or aesthetics which is why our product works so well.

Our gutter and fittings fit in with most existing rain water systems, so there is usually no need to start from scratch. 

The Cast Iron Effect Company's products provide homes with the perfect blend of smart and traditional that has been appreciated by homes built in several periods, right up to brand new homes that have claimed traditional features to blend in with their surroundings. Cast iron effect guttering is welcomed by many planning officers when building materials are stipulated in conditions of planning being granted.

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