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Delivering Cast Iron Effect Gutter in 4 metre lengths

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We would love to be able to put 4 metre lengths of our cast iron effect gutter with our couriers, but unfortunately experience tells us that it nearly always gets damaged in transit, regardless of how well we package it. 

So, we use our lovely couriers when gutter can be sent in 2 metre lengths - which, for the record, is more in keeping with the traditional cast iron gutter which was always installed in 2 metre lengths, but if a customer really wants the gutter in 4 metre lengths, and they are fitting out with a reasonable amount - we deliver ourselves.

Last week we took a van full to Newark. There and back in just over half a day, and worth every mile for the very happy customer who received their materials in perfect condition. This week, we are heading up to the Scottish Borders, and are very glad to see the kinder forecast for our delivery driver.

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