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February 2020 - Cast Iron Style Gutter to replace the damage caused by Storm Ciara?

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We have had a lot of enquiries for our cast iron effect gutter and downpipe over the last couple of days, as unfortunately people are having to make swift repairs to their properties following storm damage. 

Thanks to the very British and wonderful knack for seeing every cloud's silver lining, a lot of these enquiries are from people looking to replace their standard gutter that has been damaged beyond repair with the cast iron style gutter that we sell, to improve the appearance of their home whilst they fix the damage. A great opportunity to turn a nuisance situation in to a positive one.

Enquiring folk are always pleased with the quotes we give them, and we are yet to be beaten on price by alternative companies, as we have no 'middle men' or sales commissions to pay. When you pick up the phone to the Cast Iron Effect Company, you are going to speak to one of the men in the office attached to the manufacturing rooms where the gutter is processed. We provide a good service and are happy to work with each individual customer to make sure they get exactly what they need at the best price. 

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