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Cheapest Cast Iron Effect Guttering?

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How do we deliver a better quality cast iron effect gutter range, in the same amount of delivery time, for less money than other suppliers?

The answer isn't complicated, but there are a few reasons. 

1. The Cast Iron Effect Company is a part of our small independent builders merchant, Edge Building Supplies, and we have really good relationships with big manufacturers. Costs are kept down from the start, with no need to pay intermediaries.

2. We're not into 'super profit'. We like to trade with fair margins. It means we don't have to use overly complicated sales and discount percentages to attract customers. Much easier.

3. There are no expensive marketing campaigns or advertising executives to pay for in our company. We're a tight family business. There are no expenses leaked unnecessarily anywhere in our business processes.

4. All overheads for the cast iron effect guttering range are shared with our builders merchant. Right the way through from admin to the delivery trucks.

5. Expensive packaging isn't our style. We like protective packaging, and we can do that with recycled materials used in our builders merchant. Doesn't cost us or our customers a penny.

The Cast Iron Effect Company is really proud of the product it has created in the past ten years. We know how well it looks and lasts, and love that we can put such a good product out into the UK at the price we can.  

We thank our customers with top service, and free delivery where we can - always for orders exceeding £250.

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