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Cast Iron Effect Gutter - Tying it in with existing gutter

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Our Cast Iron Effect Gutter, especially the half round gutter we sell, is a compatible shape to fit with most gutter in the UK.

So if you are looking to replace gutter on part of a property - we know that our standard cast iron effect gutter can be fitted to Floplast gutter, Polypipe gutter, Kayflow gutter and Brett Martin gutter. There will be more manufacturers' ranges that we are compatible with - but these are the ones that we know for sure. If you are trying to fit to another make of gutter, we can send a sample pack or you can pick up the phone to us and check - we will be able to very quickly let you know. 

Our cast iron effect ogee gutter - isn't actually compatible with so many, as the profile of ours is slightly different (much nicer!) to several of the big manufacturers. However we are definitely compatible with Kayflow ogee gutter. 

With regards to our cast iron effect downipe - that is good to go with virtually every other manufacturers so there should be no worries there.

When would a person be looking to match up our gutter to an existing rainwater system?

When a property developer or home improver is working to a tight budget, they will sometimes inquire about fitting the cast iron effect gutter from us to the front of their property only, keeping an existing ordinary gutter on the back of a property. This will sometimes be done on a house where there is only a very small back yard, or no back garden at all so the residents would never see a beautiful cast iron effect gutter installed on the back. 

The one thing to watch out for, if our gutter is being matched up to an existing gutter system, is the colour variance. An older standard plastic gutter system can be faded - so we always suggest to customers to consider this when thinking about whether they can get away with just putting the cast iron effect gutter on part of their property. A sample pack can be sent out to check this. 

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