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Cast Iron Effect Gutter Sale Season?

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Dear shopper,

I know you are a savvy buyer. And to make sure that our company remains the most attractive to buyers like you, we price check all the time.

And rest assured, even when some of our competitors have flashing lights and huge red signs telling you they are giving XYZ % off everything, we are still a better price on a complete order.

Our company is not really keen on sale days, and complicated discounts. We just like to always give the best price with fair margins for everybody. It's so much easier.

The one thing that we can always do though is offer better prices when you call an order through. We have secure terminals in store, and the payment providers apply a much smaller charge to us than PayPal etc, which lets us pass the saving back to the customer.

Always worth the call to save some £££ - we can still send all the order and invoice details instantly back to you, as if you've ordered in the usual way.

Hope that helps  


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