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Cast Iron Effect Company starts 2019 off at the gallop!

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We have been welcomed into 2019 with a lovely full book of orders to work through. 

Orders for our cast iron effect guttering have been coming in to us from all angles. We receive equal numbers of orders from our eBay store, through this site and over the telephone (01829 770 230). We don't mind how you order ... but … FYI there are always bigger savings to me made from phoning an order through because when you order through eBay we have to pay eBay charges plus PayPal charges - we can take these charges off your order if you phone it through. The same scenario when you pay us through PayPal on this site - phone up and again we can reduce the amount you pay.

Some people really prefer the security that they feel from using the big branded payment providers and online stores, and we get that - and are happy to pay the fees for our customers.

Happy shopping to one and all :-)

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